Equipped With The fastest-ever’ wide-format Inca Onset Printer

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We are equipped with ‘fastest-ever’ wide-format Inca Onset Printer, a revolutionary breakthrough in large format UV digital flatbed printing. At Eco POSM we are capable of handling print sizes up to 3.2 x 1.5m (10.5x 5 ft) and printing at speeds of 500 sq m/hr (5382 sq ft /hr), the automated Inca Onset delivers 100+ full bed sheets an hour.

The Inca Onset’s speed and quality is delivered by an array of 576 Spectra printheads addressing a total of 73,728 inkjet nozzles in easy plug-in Inca print bars, supported by innovative camera alignment systems and a vacuum bed with accurate pin registration. Inkjet printer quality is determined by inkjet nozzle performance and, while output from other printers can be affected by occasional nozzle failure, the Inca Onset has been designed with a high level of fault tolerance to ensure maximum print quality.

How fast is the Inca Onset Wide Format Digital Inkjet Printer? Watch below:

Its Uvijet range of UV curing inks deliver strong, vibrant, lightfast colours with greater image quality and superior colour gamut.

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