The health benefits associated with rocking children

  • An introduction to rhythm
    A child is developing his sense of rhythm by exploring slow and fast movements when rocking horse. When possible, accompany a child’s rocking with a simple rhyme.
  • Develops visual perception
    When you push a child on a rocking horse, you are also offering an excellent visual exercise. He can observe the environment from different viewpoints (above and below).
  • Develops balance
    Through rocking horse, children develop their muscles and perfect their balance.
  • Calms and soothes
    Instinctively, we want to rock a crying a child. There’s a reason for that. Rocking a child helps establish a healthy heart rate as well as good blood circulation. The rocking motion helps the child feel secure and therefore has a calming effect. Rocking can also help warm a child who is cold. By sitting on a rocking horse, a child is fulfilling his social-emotional needs.

Therefore, we at ECO POSM had R&D for printed rocking horse (weight capacity up to 40kg) using our recycable corrugated cardboard. Which make the ordinary rocking horse look more attractive and more environmental friendly!

The structure can be dismantle and assembly with ease.

ECO Corrugated Children Rocking Horse

Customade your own Corrugated Cardboard Rocking Horse today! any colour, any pattern of your preference. Get quote here or click on the WhatApp Icon on the bottom right to start chatting with our customer service now!

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