Where POSM Malaysia are made

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Have you ever notice those ATTRACTIVE, UNIQUE, CATCHY promotional shelves in the supermarket especially during festive season? Have you ever wonder where those displays are made? Have you ever thought of using these big brand resources for your business?

Why not?
Most SMEs do not think of #POSM (Point-of-sale material) #POP (Point-of-purchase) as their marketing option. Rather, most Malaysians will only think of banner, flyer, brochure, poster or some ready made booth as the ways to promote their business offline.

POSM and POP merchandising displays had always been the privilege for big brands of multinational companies.

In the past, the cost of production is too high for small businesses and start-ups because everything requires hundreds or thousands of MOQ (minimum quantity order).

Let us share with you a little about POSM Display or POP Displays. POSM or POP merchandising displays basically cover wide range of displays such as the standee, table top display, counter display, gondola wrap, freezer wrap, sticker, floor sticker, standee, shelves, rack, kiosk decor, wobbler, hangsell, premium box and many more. Big brands such as Nestle, Coke, Maggie, Milo etc spent millions of Ringgit RM every month in POSM and POP displays for marketing and advertising. Why are these big boys willing to spend so much in POSM? Reason is very simple, because it WORKS!!!

kiwi standee rack posm malaysiaGillette hangsell standee shelve posm malaysia

shelf wrap shelf dress up pposm malaysiaAymas Shelf banner posm malaysia

Point of sale marketing materials act as a medium of advertisement that appear in different form and location to catch the attention of the people. Take example of supermarket, from the car park while you are parking your car, until you get to the trolley, the walkway in the supermarket, shelving until the cashier checkout counter all of them are carefully arranged and designed to capture the eye balls of the customers. The more touch points with the customers, the higher the conversion rate.

Brand image of the promotional items were kept consistent throughout all type of POSM available. So it makes people feel that the brand is professional and established. While small businesses or the startups can not afford to do that because they do not have enough fund to meet the MOQ of production. They can only use low end promotional materials. Every batch of design look and feel different which lead to inconsistent in their branding. As a result, the brand look untrustworthy

We at ECO POSM Malaysia realise this problem. So, we would like to help more small businesses or startups in Malaysia to succeed by marketing their product and services just like what those big brand does. Anyone can have their POSM because we bring down the MOQ to very very very low quantity! Yes, we can produce your displays even at ONE SINGLE UNIT! Good News to all business owner!

We had helped many businesses to succeed. Make your brand stand out from all the boring, ordinary, and normal display of your competitors’. Whether you are selling your product or services in the local stores, retail, supermarket, hypermarket, exhibition, or trade show. We can help you!

Grab this opportunity to seize the unfair advantage that your competitors do not know yet! PM us today, share with us your marketing ideas and our POSM Display specialists are very willing to help. PM us now!


Background of ECO POSM Malaysia:
We fabricate eco-friendly point-of-sale displays (POSM). From concept to finished products, Eco POSM has the capabilities to deliver the most innovative and cost effective POP and POSM displays. Our team of in-house designers is not only specialized in corrugated displays but also with material such as aryclic, wood and metal. With the design and manufacturing facilities we are able to offer marketing display products of high quality and creative. Our aim is to assist our clients in launching successful campaigns while maximizing their sales and market exposures.


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